• The health and safety of our patients is our top priority, and TriHealth is providing these patient tips regarding Coronavirus concerns:

    1. If you have not traveled to China, Italy, Japan, South Korea, or Iran or have not been in contact with a person known or suspected to have COVID-19 Coronavirus, you are at very low risk for infection.

    2. Vigilant hand washing with soap and water is important (alcohol gel can be used as a secondary substitute for prevention.)

    3. If you have symptoms of fever, chills or cough, and have concerns about either the Flu or other viral conditions including Coronavirus, call your primary care physician office first for assistance.

    4. For the protection of our community and other patients, Trihealth Physician Partners (TPP) is utilizing a triage response which starts with a phone call and/or e-message communication. Please call ahead before coming into the office.

    To protect our patients and team members, TriHealth has implemented the following visitation restrictions as a response to COVID-19 Novel Coronavirus:

    • NO VISITORS will be admitted into any clinical setting, with the following exceptions:
      o A patient nearing end of life may have one visitor at a time.
      o A patient delivering a baby (sibling restrictions in place) may have a single visitor.
      o All visitors must be recorded in the COVID-19 Command Center.
    • For the allowed exceptions, these rules apply:
      o No visitors who have traveled in the last 30 days to the following locations will be admitted:
         o Any international destination
         o New York State
         o Washington State
      o No one with symptoms of COVID-19 are allowed in patient care areas (fever, cough, respiratory symptoms).
      o All visitors must check in at nurse’s stations and use hand sanitizer upon entry of the patient care area. No minors are allowed inside the hospital.

    • Due to current health care situation, we have discontinued scheduling office visits through MyChart. You may call your office or send a MyChart message to your Primary Care Physician or APC to receive instructions or schedule appointment.

    Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Additional communications regarding visitor restrictions will be sent to you here on MyChart as needed.

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